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Curtain Cleaning Kensington

Captain curtain cleaning Melbourne have skilled and experienced team in Kensington. Our experts have many years of experience so they are provide quality cleaning services. You can hire our curtain cleaners at anytime in kensington and nearby. You can call us any time and get our services.

Hire Captain Curtain Cleaning For On-Site Curtain Cleaning Company In Kensington

Looking for a professional on-site curtain and drapery cleaning service in Melbourne? Look no further than Captain Curtain Cleaning! Our team of experts provides top-notch curtain cleaning services that will enhance the look and feel of your home. Not only do curtains add to your home’s aesthetics, but they can also accumulate dirt and allergens if not cleaned regularly.

We take pride in our team’s expertise, and all our professionals hold authentic certificates, including Certificate III in Soft Furnishing. This means you can trust us to conduct thorough and efficient cleaning at your place, leaving your curtains looking fresh and new.

Booking our services is easy; simply give us a call at 03 6145 0129, and our friendly team will guide you through the process. Don’t let dirty curtains bring down the beauty of your home; hire Captain Curtain Cleaning today!

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services Check Below Reasons:

We provide services throughout the week.
Our team holds certificate III in soft furnishing.
We provide you with a same-day Curtain cleaning service.
We are available for on-site curtain cleaning services at your convenience.

Importance Of Professional Curtain Cleaning Kensington Service

Curtain cleaning can be very difficult, especially in cases where you are dealing with drapes or blinds. Thus calling a professional team can help you also while saving you some time. The various benefits of hiring professionals are:

  • Professional cleaning can restore your curtains to look back to their original form.
  • It can also extend the life of your curtains.
  • This helps to get rid of any stains in the most efficient way.
  • After a professional cleaning session, the air quality of your home also elevates.
  • Also, it will minimize any chance of asthma attacks.

Our Best Curtain Cleaning Services in Kensington

When it comes to curtain cleaning we cover every aspect of it that may create problems in your daily life thus the various methods or cleaning services that we provide are:

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain dry cleaning is a method that avoids the use of water. Because in some situations the material of the curtains is not suitable for cleaning with water. Thus get in touch with us for safe dry cleaning curtains. Also, we provide the most affordable dry cleaning curtains cost in Kensington.

Curtain Steam Cleaning

In this method, we use the hot water extraction method. In which we use water to clean the curtains in the form of steam. This method gives a deep cleaning. Therefore hire our team for effective Curtain steam cleaning services in Kensington.

Curtain Mould Treatment

For mould, we use the washing curtains technique. In this, we wash your curtains thoroughly with a soap-based product so that all the mould can be eliminated even from the deep layers of it. Thus hire our curtain washing service in Kensington.

Roller Blinds Cleaning Kensington

If you want cleaning curtains at home service then you can contact us through our toll-free number. We provide you with our roller blind cleaning service at your convenient time.

Drapes Cleaning Kensington

Our curtain cleaning Kensington team knows the best way to clean your drapes. Our drapery cleaning Kensington service is available to you for on-site experience as well. Thus get in touch with us for reliable drapes cleaning services.

Venetian Blind Kensington

These are the most delicate type of curtains to handle. Thus our professionals use the latest cleaning products to clean these while maintaining their look. Thus contact us for a professional curtain cleaning service in Kensington.

Roman Blind Kensington

Our team is also trained to clean curtains while hanging. Thus if you want so we can also perform the cleaning process without removing your curtains. Thus call us and book your appointment today.

Effective Curtain Cleaning Service

Effective Curtain Cleaning Service

Different Types Of Curtains That We Clean

When it comes to home decor, curtains play a vital role. Thus, various types of curtains are available in the market, which requires a different approach to cleaning them. We consider all the possible types of curtains for cleaning. Thus the various types of curtains that we clean are:

  • Ceased Heading Curtain Cleaning
  • Eyelet Curtain Cleaning
  • Double Box Pleat Curtain Cleaning
  • Lace Curtain Cleaning
  • Velvet Curtain Cleaning
  • Pencil Pleat Curtain Cleaning
  • Tab Top Curtain Cleaning
  • Sheer Fabric Curtain Cleaning and many more.

Our Reliable Curtain Cleaning Process

The curtain cleaning process that our team trusts to give the most effective results includes the following steps:

Inspecting Your Curtains

Firstly, our team will start with an initial inspection of the condition of the curtain. The various problems that need to be treated, and the required time to complete the process.

Stain Removal

Then if your curtains have any stains on them then our team will treat them separately. Our stain removal method is the best method in town, which gives very drastic results.

Cleaning Curtains

Then after dealing with stains our team will start with one cleaning method from dry or steam curtain cleaning, whichever is appropriate according to the condition of the curtains.

Curtain Deodorising

At last, our team will give the final touches to the whole process by deodorising your curtains and sanitizing them. This last step will make your curtains more pleasing to smell.

Contact Us For Off-Site Curtain Cleaning In Kensington

We also provide you with the ease of curtain cleaning with our off-site cleaning services. If you have no time for on-site cleaning then you can ook our off-site curtain cleaning services and we will drop the freshly cleaned curtains at your place. Thus book our off-site curtain cleaning service in Kensington at affordable prices in town.

Additional Features That We Provide Along Curtain Cleaning In Kensington

Not only on time and quick services, but we also provide you with some additional benefits when it comes to curtain cleaning:

Same day Curtain Cleaning Service Kensington

You can avail of our curtain cleaning services on the same day our team will reach your doorstep in the next 24 hours. Also, our same-day curtain cleaning costs are reasonable, thus feel free to call us.

End Of Lease Curtain Cleaning

Our end-of-lease curtain cleaning prices are affordable and effective which will ensure you get your bond money back. Thus rely on our unbeatable services and book your appointment.

Reasons To Hire Our Services

The various reasons that make us stand out in the market in providing you with the best curtain cleaning services Kensington are:

  • We take bookings for the whole week.
  • Our team is certified in curtain cleaning service.
  • We provide you with our no-obligation quotes.
  • Our main motive is customer convenience.
  • We provide both on site and off site curtain cleaning services in Kensington.

Captain Curtain Cleaning: Kensington’s Favourite Curtain Cleaners

Effective curtain cleaning Kensington Services begins with us because of our extensive experience in this area. Curtain Cleaning Kensington ’s skilled staff is familiar with a wide variety of curtain materials and products that can be safely used on them without causing any harm to the fabric or dye.

Curtains, being made of such thin and fragile material, need special care while cleaning, thus it’s crucial to know what kinds of treatments may be used. Curtains may be found in many different fabrics, including cotton, sheer, silk, lace, velvet, and polyester. Curtains may be light, medium, or heavy, depending on whether they have one, two, or three layers of lining. Sheer curtains, lace curtains, velvet curtains, and heavy double-lined curtains may be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a high-quality detergent, although they might be difficult to manage at home. If you want your curtains to retain their beauty and elegance for as long as possible. It is in your best interest to have them cleaned by our trained curtain dry cleaning professionals.

Captain Curtain Cleaning Service

Unrivalled Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Services For Kensington’s Homes & Offices

Our professional curtain cleaning Kensington service is available for both business and residential buildings. Our washing curtains experts will begin by taking down the curtains and separating the lining from the face cloth by removing the hooks and plastic shanks. This method will keep the different textiles distinct while allowing the solvent to thoroughly clean your draperies.

Are you ready for the outcomes? The stains and dust are gone, and there are no more bugs or spider poop to worry about. We also pre-treat and post-clean the stains to assure the best results after dry cleaning.

Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Services

Blinds Cleaning Kensington

The everyday accumulation of dust makes blinds unsightly because it is deposited on the blinds as the air moves through them. Our curtain cleaning Kensington team has the expertise to clean blinds in Kensington, so you can be certain that your blinds will look as good as new ones. Curtain cleaning Kensington is a staff of highly trained professionals that have been cleaning blinds in Kensington for many years. We clean Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and many more.

Curtain Cleaning And Repairs

We provide repair and cleaning curtains at home services in Kensington, and we’ll also make sure your window coverings are spotless and free of debris. When working with clients, our skilled experts are acknowledged for their care and respect for all fabrics. We are aware that different textiles need different care depending on their characteristics. Curtains come in a wide variety of fabrics, and we know how to clean and repair each one individually. In cleaning your curtains, we only use non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials that are completely risk-free for your kids and pets.

Curtain Cleaning Services in Kensington & Surrounding Areas

We promise you’ll be happy with the professional curtain cleaning service results on any residential or business property in Kensington. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will not wrap up until you are. you can check Curtain cleaning Kensington reviews and hire our services in Flemington, Travancore, North Melbourne, Ascot Vale, Moonee Vale, Parkville, Footscray, Docklands, Moonee Ponds, Princes Hill, Seddon, Seddon West, Brunswick West, Carlton and more. Hire us and get Cheap curtain cleaning services in Kensington.

Our coverage area in Kensington is comprehensive. Those in the western suburbs of Kensington can rely on our crew for prompt and Reliable curtain cleaning service. Our team also have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.And if you need someone to clean your curtains in Kensington’s eastern suburbs, we’re available for that, too. In addition, we have a group of curtain cleaners operating out of Kensington’s northern and southern suburbs. Just give us a call, and we’ll be on the way to your location in a flash, no matter where in the service region you happen to be. The service will be of the highest quality!

Curtain Cleaning Services in Kensington & Surrounding Areas

We provide you best curtain cleaning services at Below locations.

Our coverage area is the suburbs

Melbourne's Are We Serve
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Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Great Workforce

November 11, 2022

“This company has an excellent workforce to handle curtain cleaning concerns, and actions and services are typically swift after a service request. The ideal curtain cleaning system for all homes and commercial properties since it offers the whole range of services required by curtain owners.


Excellent Services

November 11, 2022

“Curtain cleaning by this team was remarkable, supervising the seemingly intensive inquiry and subsequent treatment. Our impression of their efforts was favourable.


Good Team

November 10, 2022

“Your experts gave off the impression of a great curtain cleaning experience, professionally cleaning every stain and spot on the curtain. We never thought curtain cleaning could be a serious job—not even in our wildest dreams.




“I called Captain Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne to have my curtains and blinds cleaned on the same day. All issues are solved quickly without any problems. This company carries experience in dealing with all sizes of curtains and blinds. They can easily clean a large curtain.


“I am Jassi. In my home, dirty and stained curtains were a concern. I immediately phoned this company because once my friend made the suggestion. The team completed the task quickly and left my house. Now my old curtains and blinds look neat and clean.


“I was looking for a professional curtain cleaning team in Melbourne and found this company. The help and service from this team were timely so I was relieved without much stress. My curtains and blinds look ultra clean now.



We require you to do nothing to the curtains before we come. Just make your place tidy and secure your belonging for the safe execution of the cleaning process.

The time is taken depending on the condition of your curtains. Thus our team will guide you about it.

You can contact us on our toll-free number and our team will provide you with the best quotes in Kensington.

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