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Blinds are frequently overlooked whenever it comes to cleaning, although they are an integral part of the appearance, style, and personal space in your home or workplace. Cleaning Roman blinds is particularly challenging because you have to find a gentle method of cleaning dirt and grime without permanently harming the fabric. Trust the roman blinds cleaning services professionals with Captain Curtain Cleaning if you’re seeking a quick, stress-free solution.

Roman Blinds are becoming incredibly common because of their striking design, but because of the way the fabric is folded, they can be difficult to maintain. No matter where you are in the city, our team can reach your home for Roman Blinds Cleaning. We are happy to provide thorough and effective Roman Blind cleaning solutions. As a result, we are completely aware of your needs because we value effective communication. This is why you can always rely on us to produce top-notch results. We guarantee that if you choose our specialised Roman blind cleaning services for your business. We assist you in setting up a lovely and orderly workplace or house so that you may make a good first impression.

Roman Blinds Cleaning Service

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    Why Choose Us For Your Roman Blinds Cleaning service in Melbourne?

    We’ll work hard to thoroughly clean every crevice of your blinds with the help of our team of skilled cleaners, paying close attention to places where dust and filth are likely to collect. You can rely on us to make your blinds appear brand new in no time with our cleaning services! Give us the task of cleaning your Roman blinds, and you’ll be amazed at the quality they can make.

    • Flexible scheduling
    • The takedown and re-hanging services
    • High-precision ultrasonic cleaning
    • We use Biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleansers.
    • 24×7 availability and booking service.
    • Cost-effective cleaning with affordable rates. 
    • Dust, bacteria, and other hazardous microorganisms will be removed by our cleaning process.
    • Professional and licensed team. Our professional have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

    We are dedicated to gaining our client’s trust and making sure they are completely satisfied by offering them expert Roman blinds cleaning. We make an effort to perform to a consistently excellent level and go above and beyond for our clients.

    Our Effective Roman Blinds Cleaning Procedure

    There are various advantages to keeping blinds clean, even though most people think of them as only a tool to manage the level of light and personal space in an area. Blinds may become discoloured, crooked, or broken with time. They are not only unattractive but they can also be difficult to clean or fix by yourself. Our Roman Blinds Cleaning experts offer a specialised cleaning process that may revive and restore your home’s blinds while saving you money on the cost of purchasing new blinds

    • Inspect Your Blinds: At first, our staff will do a preliminary examination of the blind’s state.
    • Removal of Stains: If your blinds have any stains, our experts will treat each one separately. The best stain removal process in town is what we use, and it produces quite significant effects.
    • Cleaning Blinds: After stain removal, our experts will use a dry-cleaning method, depending on the state of the blinds, to begin cleaning them.
    • Blinds Sanitising: Finally, our experts will do the finishing touches on the entire process by deodorising and sanitising your blinds to eliminate germs and bacteria. Your blinds will smell and look better after this final process.
    • Rehanging: After the final process we will re-hang your blinds with our hassle-free techniques.

    Curtain Cleaning Services in Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

    We promise you’ll be happy with the professional curtain cleaning service results on any residential or business property in Melbourne. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will not wrap up until your get satisfied. you can check Curtain cleaning Melbourne reviews and hire our services. Hire us and get Cheap curtain cleaning services in Melbourne.

    Our coverage area is the western suburbs of Melbourne, Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. In addition, we have a group of curtain cleaners operating out of Melbourne’s northern and southern suburbs.

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    Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

    Great Workforce

    November 11, 2022

    “This company has an excellent workforce to handle curtain cleaning concerns, and actions and services are typically swift after a service request. The ideal curtain cleaning system for all homes and commercial properties since it offers the whole range of services required by curtain owners.


    Excellent Services

    November 11, 2022

    “Curtain cleaning by this team was remarkable, supervising the seemingly intensive inquiry and subsequent treatment. Our impression of their efforts was favourable.


    Good Team

    November 10, 2022

    “Your experts gave off the impression of a great curtain cleaning experience, professionally cleaning every stain and spot on the curtain. We never thought curtain cleaning could be a serious job—not even in our wildest dreams.




    “I called Captain Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne to have my curtains and blinds cleaned on the same day. All issues are solved quickly without any problems. This company carries experience in dealing with all sizes of curtains and blinds. They can easily clean a large curtain.


    “I am Jassi. In my home, dirty and stained curtains were a concern. I immediately phoned this company because once my friend made the suggestion. The team completed the task quickly and left my house. Now my old curtains and blinds look neat and clean.


    “I was looking for a professional curtain cleaning team in Melbourne and found this company. The help and service from this team were timely so I was relieved without much stress. My curtains and blinds look ultra clean now.


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