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Curtain Steam Cleaning Price Guide [2023]

Curtain Steam Cleaning Prices: Know Factors And Other Details

Curtain Steam Cleaning Prices – Curtain cleaning needs to be done regularly to avoid stains and the growth of unwanted germs and bacteria. Uncleaned curtains can cause many problems such as diseases and it will also affect the quality and life of your curtains. Uncleaned curtains can also cause problems for the environment as well. To avoid all the problems related to your curtains you must clean them regularly and hire professional cleaners once in a while for better results.

A professional cleaning will help you in saving both money and time. The price of curtain cleaning depends upon various factors and companies too. The average curtain cleaning price is $80 to $100. Curtain steam cleaning is an effective process. Curtain steam cleaning price depends upon the company and the tools used by them. To know more about curtain steam cleaning prices, read the blog thoroughly. 

Curtain Steam Cleaning Price Guide

Factors Affecting Curtain Steam Cleaning Price

  • Curtain Type- One of the factors affecting the curtain cleaning price is the type of curtain. There are various fabrics used for making the curtains. Fabrics differ and the prices differ too depending upon the fabric. This is one of the reasons for the curtain steam cleaning prices. 
  • Square Metre And Size- The size of the curtains is another factor on which the price depends. There are many companies that offer curtain cleaning services depending on the size of the curtains. You can first get quotes from the companies by measuring your curtains with the help of tape. The average price for curtain steam cleaning is around $20 to $30 per square meter. 
  • Material Of The Curtain- This is also one of the factors that affect curtain steam cleaning prices. There are many materials that are used for making curtains. Some of the most common materials are silk, linen, cotton, and polyester. 
  • Silk- Steam cleaning of a silk curtain is costlier when compared to other materials and more care is required while cleaning and drying a silk curtain. The curtain steam cleaning price for a silk curtain will cost around $30 per sq meter.
  • Linen- Linen curtains can easily accumulate dirt so to remove them more pressure will be required while steam cleaning. Although curtain steam cleaning will not cost as much as silk curtains. 
  • Cotton– Cotton curtains are one of the low-maintenance materials that won’t cost you much in cleaning them. This material is safe and also very comfortable for the curtains. Cleaning a cotton curtain will cost you around $20 per sq meter
  • Polyester– This material is also the same as cotton and has minimal maintenance and price. It will cost you around $20 per sq meter.
  • Depending Upon City- Your curtain steam cleaning price also depends upon the city you are living in. For example, if you live in Melbourne, the average curtain steam cleaning price will range from $80 to $120. And all other cities in Australia have different prices. This is also one of the factors that affect the curtain steam cleaning prices.
  • Weight And Height- This could also be one of the reasons that affect curtain steam cleaning prices. If the weight is much the prices will be much because the thickness of the fabric will absorb more dust and dirt. Less weighted curtains will cost you less. When it comes to height, as the height increases the sq meter will also increase and cause differences in the prices. 
  • Lined And Unlined Curtains- This is one of the main things that can cause a difference in the curtain steam cleaning prices. Lined curtains have an extra layer of fabric that helps in protecting the curtains from sunlight and helps in keeping the temperature in your room. On the other hand, unlined curtains don’t contain this extra protection layer and are light weighted. Unlined curtains are good for summer days. The price difference between lined and unlined curtains ranges between $7 to $10. You might have to pay an extra $1 to $15 if a heavy-lined curtain has an additional light layer. 

Why Is It Important To Get Your Curtains Cleaned Professionally? 

Professional curtain cleaning is important in many ways. Professional curtain steam cleaning will ensure that the curtains do not cause any harm or other problems such as shrinkage and residues. Professionals will also guide you about the best curtain cleaning tips that will help you in cleaning the curtains. 

Hire Professional Curtain Cleaners- Save Curtains

Curtain cleaning is an important action and must be done on a regular basis in order to protect your curtains from stains and dirt. Professionals can be a good option to get better curtain cleaning results and to save your time and money. The tools used by professionals for curtain steam cleaning are more advanced than the tools we use. They know all the techniques for cleaning the curtains effectively. 

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