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How To Clean Curtain Rods To Get Rid Of Rust And Dust

Curtains play a vital role in every home. Mostly used for privacy and protection from outside. No doubt, they impart a luxurious and gracious look to your place. We keep on cleaning curtains regularly, but the thought of cleaning curtain rods is often ignored. Well, when it comes to cleaning curtains, you have to be extra careful and need gentle actions. The curtain rods accumulate a lot of dirt, stains and rust over time. Whenever there are signs of mould or odours leading to dirty curtains, you must clean them effectively and maintain hygiene. And this is when you keep questioning how to clean curtain rods to get rid of rust and dust. If you want an answer to your question, the answer is in this blog. 

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Ways You Can Think To Clean The Curtain Rods To Make Them Rust-Free

To get the best results, we have listed a few best working ways to clean curtain rods to get rid of rust and dust. So, take a look below and know how you can make your curtain rods dust and rust-free: 

  • Salt And Lemon 

Apply an amount of salt in rust places to a rod and then cut a lemon in half. Now, squeeze the lemon split into half on the salt. Then, wait for 30 minutes to an hour pre-cleaning the rusted portion with a lime rind. Now, wash out the rod with lukewarm water and dry it using a tissue. It takes a lot of neutralisation of lime juice and salt before the rusting goes away totally. You can do the same process again and again if required. The submission works right for separating mild rust.

  • White Vinegar

Rub out the large rust-on curtain rod with white vinegar. Take a cloth soaked in white vinegar & cloak it around the rusted sections of the curtain rod. Now, leave it overnight. The next day, wash the rod with water and make it towel-dry using a tissue. With this, you can see an impulse consequence. The more you depart from the curtain rod with white vinegar, the better the results will be. Immerse excessively rusted rods for a longer interval of time. Further, to remove old rust deposits from the rod, repeat the action as needed. 

  • Water And Cola 

Make a loose ball using a foil, soak it in a 50:50 water cola solution and slowly rub the rust spots. As the curtain rod contains rust-cutting carbonic acid, when the ball is dipped in a cola mixture, it shows a different reaction. Later, you can buffer out the rust which can be done with a clean cloth. The aluminium foil ball reacts with rod oxide and allows rust to break down. This way water and cola action help you get rid of rust from the curtain rods. Moreover, they are also a good softener for the removal of dust on rods.

  • Sandpaper

To remove the rust, rub the edges with 120-grit sandpaper. This sanding rust helps smooth the entire patch. Later, wipe to remove rust by the use of 220-grit paper as it is smooth and it will not damage your curtain rod surface using sandpaper. More sensitive metal such as furniture and decor needs extra rub. It is great to remove rust as well as remove strikes left by rough sandpaper. The rust removal from metal depends upon the strength and durability of your rusted curtain rods. But sometimes it takes longer to remove the rust from the rod. 

  • Detergent

Create a solution of mild dish detergent using a detergent bottle. Fill an empty bottle with water and mix 2-3 spoons of detergent. Now, wet through a washcloth with the dish detergent solution. For example, a non-abrasive solution for lacquered aluminium and an abrasive solution for anodized aluminium. Brush the entire surface of the rod with the sponge whilst putting only gentle pressure as you are rubbing oxidised places. Then, rinse the curtain rod with hot water instantly; after scrubbing it throughout. This method is one of the best methods in how to clean curtain rods to get rid of rust and dust ways. 


How to clean curtain rods to get rid of rust and dust was the question you were wondering about. Want to keep the curtain clean and build up their life? If yes, then you can follow the above-mentioned tips. Or if the situation is out of your control, you need to contact professional cleaners as soon as possible. Professional curtain cleaners are effective and trained in stain removal, mould removal and dust and rust removal. Experts are easy to contact and ensure the cleaning of curtains and rods gets quicker. So hire Captain curtain cleaning Melbourne because An expert cleaner can clean your dirty curtains and enhance the beauty of their fabrics in no time. Therefore, delay no more to take their assistance in curtain cleaning! 

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