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How To Clean Different Types Of Fabric Curtains

When it comes to designing your home, the first thing that comes to mind is placing designer and colorful curtains. Because of its functionality, stylish pattern, and decorative aspects, it can be seen in every home and commercial place. Silk, lace, cotton, and velvet are some of the fabric types of curtains that are used these days. But, sometimes, it is difficult to clean all the curtains with one cleaning method.

To clean a different type of fabric curtains, let’s understand different curtains-

  1. Cotton fabric curtain cleaning

The most common fabric of a curtain is cotton. Most homeowners choose cotton fabric curtains and they are easy to manage, clean, and wash. Along with this, people get different color options with cotton curtains. If your cotton curtains are designed purely with cotton then there won’t be any issue of shrinkage while cleaning them. Whenever you are washing your cotton curtain, make sure you are using cold water and mild detergent. So, this will help in preventing any sort of color fading or damage to the fabric.  In case your cotton is too dirty or has a stain then you can try hot water for cleaning the color.

  1. Velvet fabric curtain cleaning

Another most common type of curtain fabric is velvet which gives an elegant and luxurious look to the home. But, you need to be a bit careful while cleaning them as their fabric is too delicate. To clean it, you need a gentle and mild detergent that does not contain any harmful chemicals as this might impact its fiber. For its cleaning, you can also go for a machine wash with delicate mode on. Before transferring the cloth into the washing machine, you must do a small test of detergent on a small area of your velvet fabric curtain. 

Using a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner are the best options that are suitable to clean different types of fabric curtains.

  1. Silk fabric curtain cleaning

Silk is the softest and classy fabric of curtains that gives a lustrous shine and amazing appearance to homes. As the fabric of silk is delicate, you need to use gentle methods of cleaning. It has been seen that when silk curtains are washed in a washing machine they get a lot of wrinkles which damage their threads.

If your silk cotton is hand washable then you need to mix cold water into baby shampoo and then dip the curtain into it for a few minutes. Do not Scrub it as it might impact its smoothness and color. Also, to prevent color fading, you can hiring a curtain cleaning Melbourne company to clean your curtain..


In any home, curtains of any fabric are of great importance as they impart a classy look to the interior. To maintain the quality of the curtain, it should be properly cleaned. If you want to clean different types of fabric curtains then you need to follow these above-mentioned cleaning processes. 

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