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How To Clean Sheer Curtains? Step By Step Guide

You spend a lot of money on buying expensive curtains right? So you must maintain them and get them cleaned regularly by professionals to prevent the stains, bad smell and bacteria from the curtains. Professional cleaning is one of the important points to cleaning the curtains once in a while. When it comes to sheer curtains they are more expensive than regular curtains and more delicate as well. Sheer curtains are more beautiful but are more expensive than the other curtains. These curtains need extra care and effort while cleaning them. If you have any doubts about how to clean sheer curtains then read the complete blog. 

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Few Points To know Before Cleaning The Sheer Curtains- 

  • The Fabric Of Which They Are Made Up Of- Before cleaning the sheer curtains or any other normal curtains it is important to know about the fabric from which the curtains are made of. This will help you in cleaning the curtains with suitable cleaning solutions. Mostly sheer curtains are made up of polyester and blends. You can also check the instruction manual or confirm it with any expert cleaner. You must know this point before knowing how to clean sheer curtains.
  • When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Curtains- This is also very important because frequent cleaning of curtains by using chemicals can also damage the fabric of the curtains. If these curtains are not cleaned for a long time they will become fragile and if they are exposed to the sun for a long time they will deteriorate. You will have to take extra care while washing if this is the case.

Steps To Clean The Sheer Curtains- 

Step 1- Vacuum The Curtains- Before starting to clean the sheer curtains it is important to remove all the excess dirt and dust from them. Vacuuming is the way to do it. This will help in removing all the dirt and grime present on the surface of the curtains. Move the vacuum cleaner to all the corners of the curtains to make sure it is getting rid of every little particle of dirt from the curtains. Take care of the safety measures while vacuuming the curtains as it might also damage the curtains sometimes.

Step 2- Prepare For Cleaning- You will require water, cleaning detergent and a wet sponge. You will also require white wine vinegar. Use the sponge and dip it in the vinegar solution and dab on the stains until the stains are lifted. Remember to do a spot check before cleaning them. 

Step 3- Wash The Curtains- Some of the curtains can be washed in washing machines whereas some of the curtains should be washed by hand as they might be delicate. Some sheer curtains are more durable and strong such as the sheer curtains that are made up of polyester and can be cleaned using a washing machine. If you want to learn about how to clean sheer curtains you must remember these steps properly.

Hand Washing Sheer Curtains- 

  • First, you should fill a tub with warm water and add some amount of soaking agent to it. 
  • Once the solution is dissolved add in your curtains. Stir the curtains in the water and make sure you don’t soak them for a long time. 
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until it is soaked and meanwhile you can clean the windows. 
  • Once the curtains are soaked, remove them and squeeze out the excess water. Later put them in clean water and then swish them to remove to get the soap out. 
  • Roll these curtains in a towel and after some time unroll them once the water is absorbed by the towel. 
  • Then you can hang your curtains until they are completely dried up and place them back. 

Machine Washing Sheer Curtains- 

  • Add the sheer curtains into the washing machine until it is half full.
  • Dissolve a little amount of detergent before washing them 
  • Turn on the gentle wash mode in your machine for not more than 60 minutes. If the dirt is more you have to give an extra 10 minutes of soaking to your curtains.
  • Make sure to use around 3 spin cycles and the temperature must decrease by 10 to 12 degrees after each spin. 
  • Once they are washed, roll them in a dry towel and later hang them until they are completely dried up and then place them back. 

Book Professional Curtain Cleaners- Good For Saving Sheer Curtains

Curtains need regular cleaning services and once in a while, you will require professional help. If you do not know properly how to clean sheer curtains and everything else about maintaining the curtains, you must consider Professional Curtain Cleaners

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