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Learn About Blinds, Types, & Importance of Cleaning Brown Stain

Blinds are basically used on a window that protects the room from direct harsh sunlight, dirt, and allergens. Blinds Cleaning is important so that we can use them for decorative purposes as well as some light shuttering purposes. In this blog, we will learn about everything related to blinds, types, & importance of cleaning brown stains.

The difference between blinds and curtains is that blinds cover the whole length of the window whereas curtains are only hung on the rod. Blinds are not removable while curtains are removable. Curtains are made from cotton and other fabric materials while blinds are made from glass and plastic fibre.

Various Types of Blinds:

  1. Vertical blinds
  2. Roller blinds
  3. Roman blinds
  4. Pleated blinds
clean blinds brown stain

Why It Is Important To Clean Blinds Brown Stain 

  1. The Brown Stain on blinds can be the main source of allergens in the room.
  2. If the allergens enter the atmosphere of the room can cause severe respiratory, bronchial, and asthmatic disorders. This is especially a matter of concern for infants, young children, or elderly people.
  3. If such stains and spots are not cleaned on time they become irremovable and make the blinds look shabby and take away all their appeal and vibrancy. 
  4. By cleaning brown stains, you are enhancing the longevity of the blinds. 
  5. The clean blinds will help to set a good environment in the house. 
  6. The brown stains can give bad odours due to dirt and allergens accumulation which is very unbearable.

How To Clean Brown Stains On The Blinds?

Brown stains on the blind are due to excessive moisture present in the air. This stain may damage your blinds if they are not cleaned on time. We can not control the air and moisture but we can clean blinds to stop the stains from becoming stubborn stains. 

Method 1

The most efficient method is mixing bleach with water. Then you have to dip the sponge in this chemical mixture and rub it on the stain deeply then leave it for some time. Then clean the surface and leave it for drying. And you will get cleaned and dried new-looking blinds within a few hours.

Method 2

First, remove the dust completely with a damp cloth. Now you need to prepare a mixture of one cup of ammonia with half a cup of water. Apply that paste to the yellowish-brown stain. Ammonia being intensively basic removes all of the acidic salts and as a result, you will get clean blinds free from all allergens and dirt. It will enhance air quality and a disease-free environment.

So, take care of your blinds, and clean them on a regular basis. If you need help in cleaning, you can hire certified curtain and blinds cleaners from Captain Curtain Cleaning. We are a team of experts for cleaning all types of blinds and curtains.

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